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Guns & Smoke-- Dream Movie Cast

Here we are again, I can't help it, I just love imagining seeing my stories on the big screen and actors who could potentially bring my beloved characters to life. Guns & Smoke is the first in a romance series that I co-authored with my friend, the incomparable A. Smith. It follows Bonnie and Jesse, who meet in Vegas about 20 years after the end of the world when Bonnie lures Jesse into an alleyway and robs him at gunpoint. From there we see them thrown together on the adventure of a lifetime that makes them realize life should be about more than just surviving.

Bonnie- She's biracial, half-white and half-Korean, short and beautiful with long black hair and mysterious blue eyes. She's curvy, capable, and dangerous with a traumatic past that's coming for her. There are so many layers to Bonnie, the broken little girl who saw too much too soon. The fierce outlaw who'll stop and nothing to stay free. The vulnerable woman who's never dared to want things for herself before. It would take an incredible actress to play all of these sides of Bonnie and so much more. I'd love to say that I've had someone specific in mind but honestly, I'd love to be surprised by a fresh face that's racially accurate. A Korean actress or someone who is at least half Korean. Actress Kim So Eun is gorgeous and seems like she could depict Bonnie's edginess though, she doesn't have Bonnie's quintessential blue eyes. Who could you imagine as Bonnie?

Jesse-I've had the actor I wanted in mind for Jesse for a loooonnnnggg time... to the point where he might even be getting a little too old to play Jesse... but I can't help it... he's who i imagined when first writing the dashing love interest back in 2012. Jesse is a man who's finally figuring out what he wants and who he wants to be. He's suffering through his own tragedy and learning to parent his younger brother after they're both orphaned in a gruesome attack on their family farm. He meets Bonnie and finds someone who can help him survive in the outside world but also someone who challenges him at every turn, pushing him to discover more and more about himself. He's kind, consistent, and fiercely loyal. Honestly... Jesse may just ruin me for most real men. LOL! Matt Lanter was the inspiration behind his strong physique, great smile, blue eyes and even his blonde hair. Matt Lanter isn't blonde anymore but he was back when we first started writing Jesse. I mean, look at this man, he's gorgeous. I have no doubt he could play the HELL out of Jesse in this movie.

The Kid- The Kid is Jesse's younger brother, he's about 10 years old in this book and precocious as hell. He looks A LOT like Jesse, clearly their family has strong genes as they all look a lot alike. But he's been sheltered more than Jesse has growing up, so he's a little more on the delicate side physically. Not only that, the Kid has a lot going on. He doesn't know about the tragedy that befell his parents for most of the book, Jesse keeps him in the dark in order to protect him. He also is being forced into situations where food, water, and safety are scarce. He idolizes the outlaw lifestyle and Bonnie's reckless way of life. He's a fun character and a breath of fresh air, honestly... he's the heart of the whole book. You can't help but fall in love with him. Jacob Tremblay not only looks like the character but is a really great young actor. I could definitely see him playing the fun and fiesty Kid.

Will Ellis- Will is a really fun character. He's half Latina, bi-sexual, and hilarious. He's drop dead gorgeous and he doesn't let you forget it. He's Bonnie's best friend, past lover, and worst enemy at times. They grew up together and there are some growing pains in their relationship. No matter the situation, Will always looks out for Bonnie... even when it doesn't seem like it. He gets a bigger role later in the series but what we see of him in this first book is magnetic. A friend of mine showed me pictures from a photoshoot done with the male model Marlon Teixeira and if you haven't google searched him to look at his images... what are you WAITING FOR?! This man is sex on a stick and exactly how I imagine Will Ellis. I mean.... like.... LOOK AT HIM?!

Clara- Clara Higgins is tall, blonde, with brown eyes and secrets. She's Jesse's ex-fiance from Montana who tries to win his heart back from Bonnie and fails. She's the preacher's daughter but clearly has a dark side. Her temper is normally carefully in check but Bonnie makes her a little crazy. As does Jesse's affection for her. Clara's character is one that doesn't get explored much in book one, but is definitely important to the rest of the series. Because of her want to explore the world and experience different things, darker things, I think it's important that while the actress can look angelic, she can also portray the deception hiding within Clara. I can't think of anyone better than Dove Cameron for the role. She's beautiful and can really dive into the duality within Clara.

What about you? What do you think of my picks for the Guns & Smoke Dream Movie Cast? Who do you see playing these characters? Or characters from your own books! Tell me about them!

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