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Not Your Mary Sue COVER REVEAL-Aesthetic Press

A big THANK YOU to Aesthetic Press for reaching out and allowing me to be a part of the Cover Reveal Tour for NOT YOUR MARY SUE by Rebecca Frost!

Title: Not Your Mary Sue

Genre: Adult Psychological Thriller

Author: Rebecca Frost

Publisher: Aesthetic Press

Release Date: June 2022

You Guys! This book sounds SOOOOOO Good! I can't wait to get my copy in June of next year! Read the synopsis below:

A not so classic girl meets boy story begins when a televangelist’s adult daughter, Marcy, journeys to a secluded island resort where she awakens a captive of a handsome, charming, notorious serial killer who requests she pen his autobiography explaining all of his intentions and crimes in detail. She finds herself horrified that she is intrigued by him and maybe even…infatuated by him. He has more control than she realizes as he slowly begins to brainwash her just as the autobiography is completed. Once she is rescued and he is arrested, Marcy begins to pull her life back together only for her captor to escape and her brother becomes a new suspect.

And Let's talk about this COVER!!!!

I am living for the cut out title and author name, not to mention the hazy sunset backdrop with the dark pier in the background. Gives EXACTLY the kind of dark, gritty vibes I would expect from a thriller novel while being reminiscent of a romance in the pretty sunset colors up top. I really can't wait to get my hands on this book. Falling for a serial killer?! Can we say YAAASSSS Please. Don't forget to add this one to your Goodreads TBR or Pre-Order a copy for when it releases!

Are you a fan of psychological thrillers? Mysteries with a Romantic sub-plot? I definitely am and have been reading a ton of it lately. Let me know in the comments below!!



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