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A Fun and Conversational Book--4/5 Stars

This book was surprisingly witty, funny, quotable as HECK and a sweet budding LGBT romance that I was really invested in.

I thought the Sci-Fi subplot was going to be more integral to the plot than it was, but it was fully realized and I didn't find that I needed it to be anymore than it was.

I will say there are a LOT of social issues tackled in this narrative which did leave me feeling a bit overwhelmed at times, especially when reading from Amber's narrative but I liked that all 3 POV's helped to give a rounder view of the main topics/issues debated throughout the book and left the reader empowered to make up their own mind on the issue.

I did REALLY appreciate this as I don't tend to like being spoon-fed the author's opinions on issues especially in the context of relevant contemporary problems plaguing our society today. The romance was sweet and there was genuine emotional intimacy between the characters. All in all, I would say this book was very well formed and I would definitely read a sequel or another book set in this world. Well done.

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