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Reedsy Discovery-An Honest Review... Is It Worth It?

Reedsy. A place to find editors and other professionals, read articles about publishing and all the ins and outs of that perilous journey, you can even format your books on Reedsy... Now, it has it's own review service.

Reedsy Discovery is a branch of the company dedicated to book reviews. You can upload your Goodreads reviews, create a profile, and even upload your own indie book to be reviewed by someone on the site.... They send out a newsletter highlighting the most 'upvoted' or liked books every so often... so in theory this could be a great tool for marketing your indie books and helping your book stand out from the crowd... right?


My experience with Reedsy Discovery is that it's expensive, ineffectual, and basically a glorified popularity experience. I got a great review from my reviewer so no bias there. I had to pay a lot of money to get ONE review that wasn't transferred over to Goodreads or Amazon or any other platform. While there are a significant number of people who follow me on Reedsy Discovery engagement is seriously lacking. I can barely get anyone to engage with me on the platform.

In my personal opinion, it's trying too hard to be another type of Goodreads and follow the same formula only with paid reviews... the thing is... we already have a Goodreads and you don't have to pay anyone to review your work. So why would a more expensive, complicated, and less effective platform be better for authors? Short answer... it isn't. I wouldn't waste my time or money if I were you. Stick with using the other functions of Reedsy, at least for now, maybe in the future they'll streamline their services enough to make it worth your while... as it sits now... I won't be bothering with them for any future releases.

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