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Songs Of Autumn- Dream Movie Cast

Haven't we all done it? Imagined our books as movies at one point in time or another? We spend so much time in our heads, imagining these characters, seeing scenes play out in our minds... it's only natural. If Songs Of Autumn were to ever get made into a movie, these are some of the actors I could see in my dream cast for the characters I've written into this world.

Liz- Liz's character is one that's in transition. She wants more for her life, but doesn't quite know how to achieve it yet. She struggles through loss, grief, uncertainty, and is trying to be brave enough to shake off the mantle of her sheltered, privileged existence. Physically she has red hair, blue eyes, and body image issues since she's not 'gracefully thin' as is the fashion in Aegis. She's a bunch of contradictions, smart but naive, brave but fearful, delicate but strong. It'd take a very talented actress in my opinion to play all the sides of Liz. I chose Abby Cowan in my dream cast because I think she's a young actress who's got a ton of potential and looks SO MUCH like Liz... I mean, look at her! She looks just how I imagined. :)

Mat- Mat's character is a fun one. He's playful, a little wicked, a little devious, but with a noble heart and an innate kindness within him. Most of the turmoils he faces are in the form of self-deprecating thoughts because he doesn't know who his father is. It's given him a lot of hardship in his life and questions about who he is and his place in the world. He questions himself constantly, and can be quick to anger and impulsive. Physically he has blonde hair, green eyes, and is always a little scruffy. He's never really quite proper in any sense of the word. Because of the edge that Mat has and his inner turmoil, I think the best person to play him in my dream cast is none other than Dylan Sprouse. I LOVED watching Zack & Cody growing up and Dylan definitely has been playing edgier characters lately. And I mean... look at those eyes... *drools*

Gareth- This character is really hard for me to imagine. He's got dark hair, grey eyes, and is shrouded in mystery. Gareth is the hardest character for me to write because he doesn't like to give everything away up front. He's deep and complex, containing multitudes within him. He's really quiet and doesn't tend to put himself in the spotlight often. He makes his mind up about people and really doesn't change his mind often. I think Timothee Chalamet is the only actor I know of that could actually portray Gareth the way I intended. With hidden pain and speaking through his silence, not an easy feat for an actor at all. There's something enigmatic about Gareth and I think Timothee could really play all those unspoken parts of Gareth.

Tia- Tia is unequivocally loved by reviewers. She's feisty and full of spontaneity, life, light, love. She's fiercely loyal to Liz and just a little bit wild. She's not a native Aegian, and no one lets her forget it. Instead of letting the opinion of others cow her, she flaunts how brilliant she is at every turn. She falls in and out of love, and when she gives her heart... she gives it fully. Physically she's thin and graceful, with beautiful ochre skin, and natural curls. Her eyes are described as amber, a warm golden brown that lights up with her laughter. Tia's casting has to be just right. Liz loves her like family and even more, and readers do too. So it's a tall order for any actress to live up to those shoes. Keke Palmer is beautiful, talented, and has a smile that could light up a whole room. In my dream cast I'd definitely have her play Tia with all her secrets and facets.

What do you think of my choices? Would you like to see a movie version of Songs Of Autumn with my ideal cast? What about your books? Are there any actors you could see bringing your characters to life? Let me know!

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