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TBR List! My leftovers from 2020

One of the things I hope I can do in 2021 is to finish reading all the books on my Want-to-Read list on Goodreads. I want to finally attempt to read all the books i've impulse bought over the years and that languish on my bookshelves unread.

Here are a few of the books on my TBR for this year:

  1. Sky In The Deep

  2. The Girl The Sea Gave Back

  3. We Hunt The Flame

  4. Dark Shores

  5. The Wicked Deep

  6. Nameless Queen

  7. Song Of The Dryad

  8. The Beautiful

  9. I Hope You Get This Message

  10. Shattered

  11. The Lost Sisters

  12. The Guinevere Deception

  13. Girls Of Paper And Fire

  14. Four Dead Queens

  15. Amber & Dusk

  16. Havenfall

  17. Scavenge The Stars

  18. Thorn

  19. The Stolen Kingdom

  20. Iron Heart

  21. Serpent & Dove

  22. Circe

  23. Lore