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What A DNF!!! --1/5 Stars

So, every once in a while I want an uncomplicated paint-by-numbers-plot type book so that I can just enjoy the ride and unwind while reading. This is definitely that. I picked this one because it touted having a fantasy romance but also that the Love Interest (King Raith) was struggling through the grief of losing his first wife and his feelings for his new wife, our protagonist Rose. That was a new hook for me and I was excited to see emotional stakes in a blurb.

This book got such a low rating because I found the romance aspects unbelievable and almost no chemistry between the two MC's of this book. It also received a low rating because of the shoddy depiction of a character struggling through the loss of one of his wives. Major relationship issues were brushed over, the MC was a too-virtuous mary sue/mother theresa, and Raith pretty much treated her like crap the whole time... which I don't find very attractive.

In essence, the couple dollars I spent on this ebook I wish I bought a cold drink with instead.

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