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WIPs On WIPs On WIPs... All my Book ideas/working projects.

I have a problem. Mainly I have TOO MANY book ideas and not nearly enough time to write and publish them all. I still plan to, of course, it'll just take a lot longer than I'd like. All of these books are in various stages of development, some are just ideas, some are completely outlined, and others are in that ephemeral space between. Here are some of the WIP ideas I'll be working on in the next few years...

  1. Songs Series- So obviously I'm working on my YA Fantasy series, the first book of which is available to purchase platform wide!! It's even on audible... *squee* But that series has 5 more books and a novella planned, along with a sequel series that i'm affectionately referring to as 'Echoes'. So that's 9 more books in the series! EEP!!

  2. The Fool's Adventure Series- This series holds a very special place in my heart. The first book in this series titled Guns&Smoke is going to be published later this year on 7.10.2021. This series is being co-authored by my good friend A. Smith. A beautiful writer, and someone I trust to help me explore this world past all the limits I could have imagined for it. Currently there are 4 books planned in the initial series and a prequel series in the works that is looking to be a potential trilogy. There is also a sequel trilogy planned following a character from the original series, 'the kid'. An anthology of short stories, and at least 2 standalone novels. So far that's a whopping 13 books planned in this series so far... with the possibility of more to come!!!! Can you even believe it??

  3. Fathoms Below Trilogy- This has been a long time coming, and I'm still re-working the outline for these novels. This is going to be my take on science fiction, exploring the small divide between magic and science. There will be alien-esque creatures, ancient beings, space stations, and people with cyborg parts. And of course, a strong female main character who takes no shit and is usually the smartest person in the room.

  4. What Happened to Lola?- This is the book idea that is probably the furthest from completion. It's also the one that i'm the most intimidated by. As it stands it's the only mystery/thriller novel in my list... but the idea that I had for it is so good that I have to dive right in... eventually. This is the genre that I feel I'm the weakest in, so it'll definitely stretch my talents and push me out of my comfort zone. For that, at least, I'm excited. :)

  5. The Raven King- This book is going to be a lot of fun to write, it's a parallel universe, dark romance exploring the tragedy and horror of sleep paralysis episodes and hypnogogic hallucinations positing the question... what if they're real?

  6. Lady Of Nightmares & Sorrows- This is another project I'm planning to co-author with my partner A. Smith. It's still in early development stages but we plan for it to b

e a Dark Fantasy Romance featuring a matriarchal society, an unrepentant and morally grey main character, and LGBTQ+ themes. More on this book later!

7. Potions, Inc.- This started as a short story and has quickly become a cute, quirky, contemporary paranormal romance between a hedge witch who just wants to be a regular ER nurse and the mortal who is trying to take his family's successful 'mom and pop' potion shop into the corporate world.

These are just a few of the WIPs that I have working right now, I think I counted before the end of the year and it was over 30 book ideas! I'm not sure that I can publish more than 1-2 per year so I definitely have a ways to go! How many book ideas or WIPs do you have waiting for their time to shine?

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