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Book Review

$35 Flat Rate + copy of book.

All Book Reviews are 100 % Honest. This listing is for a book review promoted across all my platforms up to and including: Reedsy Discovery, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, my personal Book Review Blog, and even a video review on my Youtube channel** The review will be a minimum of 350 words. If this is an ARC review that is 2 stars or less, I may reach out to you about delaying my reviews until after the launch of the book as a courtesy to the author. You have permission to use my reviews in any/all marketing and promotional campaigns. You must use pull quotes appropriately with ellipses between any omitted texts. You may use the following to refer to me under any pull quotes used in advertising:

-Lauren Sevier, Author of ‘Songs Of Autumn’

-Lauren Sevier, Author of ‘The Songs Series’

-Lauren Sevier, Author, Editor, Youtuber.

-Lauren Sevier, Indie Author.

-Lauren Sevier.

**Video reviews are not guaranteed. You will be notified for inclusion after reading your book.


Author Blurb

$25 + Copy Of Book

Are you an Indie Author looking for Author’s to read and blurb your book? Need an endorsement on your book cover?

The $25 flat rate is to hold a spot on my schedule for me to read/blurb your novel. All blurbs and reviews are 100% Honest. All thoughts are my own. I will use comparisons to other popular fictionalized novels and original content to blurb your novel. I will send you 3 different blurbs to use in your marketing, promotion, and on your book cover. Turn around is 2+ weeks depending on the length of the novel.

**I reserve the right to refuse any book based on personal preferences.


Beta Read

$50-$100 + Copy of Book.

Not ready for editing yet? Would you like someone to read your novel and give general feedback to inform your self-editing?

Beta reading is something I love to do for people who are still drafting their projects. Getting general feedback on your book from someone well versed in story structure technique can be a real game changer. The fee is to hold the spot on my schedule. I will also include one 1 Hour video/Skype call to discuss general thoughts and for you to have an opportunity to ask specific questions about the feedback given. Turnaround is 2+ weeks depending on the length of the novel.

**I reserve the right to refuse any book based on preference.

Request Services

Please read the page above carefully and take your time to answer all the questions on this form.

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