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~Free Sample Edit provided~

~All edits done in Google Docs~

~One video/Skype session included~

~Custom pricing for NON-STANDARD projects~

~Invoices sent through PayPal~

~50% due upon signing contract~

~50% due upon receipt of Final Edit~

Meet the Editor


Hi! My name is Lauren Sevier. As an Indie Author myself, I know the rigors of trying to edit your manuscript to either query or self-publish. It can be so hard to get the objective distance you need when you've invested hours and months and years developing your book. That's what I'm here for! 

I have been writing and editing since 2012 and have found pleasure in both creating new worlds, and helping others to refine the voice of their project. My goal is to help bring your stories to life, to help them sound the most like you that they can. Let me help you refine your already BRILLIANT book! 

I’ve been developmentally editing manuscripts for a number of years and have recently decided to open my services to authors from all communities. If you are an #OWNVOICES or Indie author please let me know as I prioritize projects depicting stories told by and for marginalized communities as well as fellow Indie authors. I DO NOT edit non-fiction at this time, this includes memoirs. I DO accept the following genres:

  • Action/Adventure

  • Alternate History

  • Chick Lit

  • Coming Of Age

  • Drama

  • Fairytale

  • Fantasy

  • Historical Fiction

  • Paranormal Romance

  • Romance

  • Science Fiction

  • Western

  • Young Adult


If you do not see your genre listed here you are more than welcome to reach out to me and send me a synopsis for my consideration. ***Please note: I WILL NOT edit Erotica and any trigger warnings should be disclosed in your request***

At this time I DO NOT offer Line/Copy/Proofreading services. Developmental Editing is the most complex form of editing and the most time intensive. I focus specifically on this to give my authors 100% of my focus. As your editor, my goal is to help you strengthen your story and unique narrative voice. I have a real passion for storytelling, as evidenced by my own published works.

What can you expect?

Developmental Editing (aka: structural or substantive editing) is the most complex and detailed part of the editing process. During your developmental edit I’ll be taking a look at your manuscript as a whole. Whether it’s the first in a series, or a standalone novel, I can help make sure your story keeps reader’s turning pages without feeling fatigued from a breakneck pace. I’ll be able to review your story arc, different story elements, and your narrative voice. While I may take note of repetitive grammatical errors or sentence structure, that is not the goal of my edit.

You will receive both In-text notes on your manuscript and a detailed Editorial Letter when your editing is complete. The In-Text notes will be provided via Google Docs, this can be converted to track changes in MS Word should you require. 

For the IN-TEXT NOTES; I take two (sometimes more) passes through your novel.

The first pass is for initial thoughts and impressions; noting glaring inconsistencies, commenting on what is working well and what isn’t, making sure you have all the story elements; from well-grounded characters with believable motivations to plot twists that will make readers gasp aloud.

The second pass is to assess individual chapter arcs, character arcs, plot holes, pacing, world-building, and so much more!

Finally, your Edit Letter will also be included. This is a personalized breakdown of the following:

  • Plot- Are there any glaring inconsistencies, plot holes, or potentially problematic themes? Is everything believable, realistic, and are the stakes clear?

  • Pacing- Does the story pacing ebb and flow to keep readers turning pages? Are there any areas that need to be sped up or slowed down?

  • Dialogue- (This is a specialty of mine) Is the dialogue believable, easily readable, and consistent? Is dialogue between two characters easily distinguishable? Are there enough grammatical inconsistencies included to appropriately depict regional/national/fictional accents? Are dialogue tags being used correctly to enhance and not detract from the dialogue?

  • Characters- Are characters grounded in believable motivations? Are the stakes clear for the characters throughout? Are they fully realized (including side characters) with believable arcs? Are there any points of dialogue/action that do not feel in character?

  • World-building- Is the world-building immersive without leaning too heavily on exposition? Is there a tendency towards ‘purple prose’ in descriptions? Is it easily understandable for new readers? (Also, special considerations for the first book in a series in this section as well.)

  • Theme- Is the theme of your book clearly explored and easily identifiable? Do you have a theme? (If not, that’s okay; most times themes become evident when working throughout developmental edits).

  • Voice- Is your narrative voice clear through the pages? If not, is there a way we can help refine it? If working in 1st person POV is your character voice unique and consistent?

  • Miscellaneous- This is not always included but as each author and story is different, there are sometimes additional elements to discuss. I want to help you make your book the very best it can be, this may sometimes include offering additional resources. Such as craft book recommendations, links to helpful articles, links to informative videos.


Upon receiving your deposit and manuscript, you will be placed on my calendar. Let me know if there are any time restrictions or deadlines you are trying to meet in your initial request so that I may take that into consideration when scheduling your services. I can only take a limited number of manuscripts at a time and if unable to schedule you in an appropriate amount of time, will recommend another editor If I am unable to meet your deadlines.

From the time your editing project begins you may expect turn around in 4-6 weeks depending of the length of the manuscript. Your deposit is non-refundable and paid to secure your spot on my schedule. There will be a mid-point check in, at which time you may request a video/skype meeting to discuss notes/edits. This will not exceed 1.5 hours and must be scheduled in advance. Your services should be paid in full before receiving the finished edits and Edit Letter. You can find a general pricing guide below or contact me for a custom quote.  


If your manuscript doesn’t fit in any of the categories below for pricing, contact me for a custom quote. I will also offer an additional 10% off services for a written testimonial to add to my portfolio.

I reserve the right to refuse any project for any reason up to and including: not adhering to my genre requirements, refusing to pay for services, undisclosed trigger warnings, etc.


Pricing Guide

Pricing for Developmental Edits is based on word count. If your project does not fall into the margins listed below or you are between two categories please contact me for a custom quote. I use paypal exclusively to send invoices and receive payments. A non-refundable deposit of 50% of your project price is due to reserve the spot on my calendar. If you have any further questions, please use the contact form below.

Word Count:                Total Price:                               Deposit:

50k-80k                             $1000                                       $500

90k-120k                           $1800                                        $900

125k-150k                          $ 2500                                       $1250

<150k                   Custom Quote ONLY           50% Of Quoted Price

Request Services

Please read the page above carefully and take your time to answer all the questions on this form. 

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